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Chatting is the new cool way of communication and adults and youngsters alike often prefer this method. When chatting using instant messengers, you need not draft an email and instead, involve in a rather casual talk.  You can chat using online messenger services and this would give allow you to chat with the person on the other end live.

You could connect with your friends online and there are several online chat messengers out there that help you chat with your dear ones. They include Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, MySpace Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and others. You could definitely make use of these messengers and find your friend who has an account online.  You need to have account in Yahoo, Hotmail or MySpace to perform this task.

You may also contact the Windows Live technical support team, in order to know about the ways to find a contact on the chat messenger. Let us check the instructions that would help you in the task.


  •  You need to first download an instant messenger and install the same in your system.
  • The initial step is to create an account for the chat messenger. This is absolutely free for most messengers and you need to create a username as well as a password for logging into the chat messenger account.
  • In the messenger, you need to select Contacts/Add Contacts. You could also access this by holding down the Ctrl key along with shift key and the letter A on your keyboard.

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  • You need to provide your name, email address as well as phone number of your friend so that the chat messenger could easily search for the contact.  If you have Yahoo messenger, it would be ideal to type in the phone number in the box named ‘Enter a mobile device number’. Thus, it will search for phone number of your friend.
  • Now select Next and this will help you find the friend that you are searching for. You can provide a group list in which your friend is included along with description of the person.  This is just an option and you need to select Next to continue the search.
  • Now select Finish and if the search finds your friend, an email will be send to him and this will be the ‘friend request’ by the chat messenger service.
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