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An email client is a platform where a user can access and manage their individual emails and messages. These clients can be both locally installed clients and web-based clients. One such client exclusively provided by windows is the Windows Live Mail. It is easy to enable your regular mail with Windows using the instructions outlined below. The first priority is to determine your POP or IMAP Email Server Settings and ports. This information can be found in the Email Setup Center under the Email Server Settings. The steps for the enabling may wary from version to version, but any doubts can be clarified by logging on Windows Live help.

The steps to activate Windows Live Mail with your email are:

  • Select the Start menu and launch Windows Live Mail.
  • Navigate across the Tools menu and select All Accounts.
  • Add your current email account in the navigation column by clicking on Add Email Account. Enter the email address in the Email Address Field.
  • Choose an appropriate password for your account.
  • If you wish, you can opt for the Remember Password option.
  • To select how your name appears to others when you send a mail enter your username in the Display Name field and then click Next.
  • Choose your server type and enter your Incoming POP or IMAP server. This relates to the information you had noted down earlier from your web based email.
  • Incoming server port:
    • §  IMAP without SSL – 143
    • §  IMAP with SSL – 993
    • §  POP without SSL – 110
    • §  POP with SSL – 995
  • Select the option This server requires a secure connection (SSL) if you are using a port with SSL.
  • An authentications process occurs, so select to log on using Clear text authentication.
  • Enter your full email address in the Login ID field.

    Incoming POP or IMAP

          Help to enable Windows mail

  • Input your Outgoing POP or IMAP Server in the Outgoing server field. This also corresponds to the earlier noted information.
  • Outgoing server:
    • §  In case there is no SSL – either 25,80 or 3535
    • §  With SSL – 465
  • If you are using a port with SSL select This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  • Then proceed to select My outgoing server requires authentication, and then click Next.
  • Click Finish.

Windows Live Mail is a very popular and easy way to manage your email and messages. It has regular updates and any problems can be easily diagnosed from Windows Live Help. You can also change the settings and preferences to match your personality. It is also very user friendly and very reliable.

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